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The Chemistry of Technical, Legal, & Business Integration

Intellectual Property FirmsA great company knows how to harness the strengths of its workforce in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Integration of skill sets is just one piece of the synergy puzzle; knowing how to effectively tap into your talent pool to bring out the best in people is another. The result of such efforts is to streamline complex processes so that the work activities become transparent to the business goals – an exercise that requires remarkable finesse. When done well, clients always see the added value in working with a provider in a team context.


FlashPoint IP, a leader among intellectual property firms, maintains a vision that such dynamic relationships are the subtle intangibles that differentiate us, making our practice unique to our clients, and making our firm an exciting place to work for our staff. As our testimonials attest, FPIP achieves this mission through the flawless execution and seamless integration of its team.





Our Worldwide Network of Professional Associates

Team Players to Execute an Informed Strategy


Intellectual Property Firms

Did you ever try to pull off a major undertaking by yourself? Surely, there were moments that you wished everything wasn’t resting only on your shoulders. Sometimes even more agonizing than this is having a group who are not all working from the same playbook. It may have nothing to do with management efforts, but often is just a case of the broken-telephone game in real life, where the stakes are much higher. Making your staff aware of what exactly is your endgame strategy is of utmost importance.


We understand that the best execution of strategy is an informed one. It’s not just maintaining good communication channels, it’s also who you select to be part of the team. At FPIP, we coordinate all our international activities with our associates according to our belief that executing an informed strategy always provides the best results. We do this by making sure that we have chosen a professional team who has the patience and reliance to work through the details. From ensuring timely filings and discussing nuances in translations to evaluating anticipated reactions of patent office examiners, our worldwide network of associates are informed of the strategy we have orchestrated and what the desired effect is. This not only makes the process smoother, but also serves as a check for validating our assumptions, leaving room for tweaking our tactics before implementing them.


You can rest assured that when we formulate a global IP strategy intended to be implemented in numerous jurisdictions, we have the experience to advise you of potential snags that could arise before we even start the process. This insight is invaluable in avoiding costly mistakes down the road. Our expertise and insight in integrating the technical, legal, and business aspects of your endeavor, combined with the support of our associates, provide you with the certainty that the best options are the ones being vetted on your behalf. This unique chemistry enables FlashPoint IP to provide top-tier services on a worldwide basis, helping your ideas ignite.


Intellectual Property Firms