Patent Search

Input Strategy: Targeted Quick-Searches

Patent SearchSometimes various limitations make performing an extensive clearance patent search difficult, often due to resource constraints on time and/or money. However, before embarking on the patent-drafting process, a little assurance that there is no “smoking gun” in the prior art that anticipates an invention is still a value proposition for the entrepreneur as a minimum requirement for patent analysis. In the event that a “silver bullet” is found in a patent search that reduces the economic desirability of pursuing patent protection or the venture altogether, significant resources can be diverted to other activities, rather than going through a patent application process that could prove to be futile.


Our targeted quick-searches serve just that purpose – identifying “bull’s eye” prior art that can be showstoppers with regard to patent protection. Based on the same approach as our informed search strings, targeted quick-searches are limited in breadth and depth of the search to focused inventive aspects of the invention. By narrowing the search parameters to the essential elements in the patent-analysis stage, we can efficiently search the prior art for dead ringers in a limited amount of time.


At FlashPoint IP, targeted quick-searches can be performed promptly to provide valuable information in a tight timeframe, supplying a snapshot of the competitive landscape as a viability check for any red flags, or as a patent-drafting obstacle to avoid. While by no means comprehensive, targeted quick-searches can be a worthwhile option to consider when the alternative is to start the process blind, with no knowledge of the prior art. Contact us to find out more about FPIP patent searches.