Patent Search

Patent Searches: Navigating the Maze

Patent SearchIn trying to reach a new destination, most people would consult a map. Today, many people rely on a GPS device to create a route for them, but they still need to prepare for unexpected changes along the way. The process of securing intellectual-property rights for an invention is a multi-stage endeavor, with emphasis on the patent drafting. Navigating the various stages effectively relies largely on how much you have prepared for situations that can arise further down the road. A well-performed patentability search serves as a map for circumventing the prior art which forms the maze that stands between you and your desired patent. Searches that assess the “freedom to operate” an invention, or confirmation of the validity (or invalidity) of an issued patent, are equally important.


Patentability, FTO, and validity searches form the core of reference material for a patent valuation analysis firm that can serve as the basis for patent-drafting approaches, patent-filing decisions, legal opinions, and due diligence. The quality of the searches themselves depend on the search analyst’s search methodology and the input strategy for the search. The more informed one is about the process, the more manageable the maze becomes. Contact us to find out more about FPIP patent searches.


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