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Practice Areas: Electronics & Optics

Intellectual Property FirmsThe world of electron-gating devices (such as MESFET, HEMT, and RF MOSFET) and semiconductor devices fabricated from an assortment of materials (such as Si, III-V compound semiconductors, and Si-Ge) form the invisible backbone of modern industrial equipment. Furthermore, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), semiconductor lasers, and photodetectors have become common constituents of new, complex systems. Heterojunctions and p-n diodes are routinely used in fiber-optic transceivers and DVD players.


Advanced electronic circuitry, electro-optic components, and optoelectronic devices provide unique challenges for the patent professional with regard to patent drafting and formulating an IP strategy. In many cases, the novel aspects of an invention relate to transient signals or packets operating under high-speed processing or acquisition conditions (such as greater than 1 GHz). Applications include imaging techniques, antenna architecture, real-time environmental monitoring, as well as sophisticated data-network processing. Accurately capturing the essence of such inventions in the patent-drafting process, while meeting the criteria for patentability, requires careful consideration of the technical art and the intended application to serve the desired IP strategy.


FlashPoint IP, a leader among intellectual property firms, factors these wide-ranging aspects into the process of securing patent protection, whether in performing  a patent search of the prior art, engaging in patent drafting of applications, selecting how and where to file, or prosecuting your claims to an invention to help you maximize value in an extensive array of practice areas. Having Ph.D. degrees and industrial experience, our patent attorneys are adept at synthesizing the many facets needed to create a winning formula for your IP. Contact us to discuss your options regarding IP strategy and positioning, and how best to secure your rights.