A Winning Formula at FPIP

Patent Prosecution Firm

FlashPoint IP is an Intellectual Property (IP) law firm and high-level advisory that specializes in the strategic IP alignment of your business model through skillful patent drafting. The ultimate goal of securing strong IP with a track-proven patent prosecution firm, whether through patents, trademarks, or copyrights, is to enable you to leverage your IP assets effectively, and direct your downstream impact – to translate your ideas into business prospects through effective IP strategy & management.


At FlashPoint IP, we achieve this goal through our winning formula – integrating the technical, legal, and business aspects into an IP strategy & managment philosophy that brings formulation (through patent drafting) and execution into focus at the same time. Such synergy provides clarity to a process that is often complex and entwined in the context of the business environment. As a successful patent prosecution firm, we formulate strategic business solutions for your technology to articulate the right chemistry at the right time in any technical area that your market may pertain to. FPIP handles IP matters spanning a full array of practice areas.


Are you interested in improving the effectiveness of your business process, but wondering why your IP is not in the loop? Formulate a winning IP strategy & management playbook through strong patent drafting with FlashPoint IP to enhance the value of your intellectual property, and take your technology enterprise to the next level with a top-tier patent prosecution firm. Learn more about FPIP and the facets of our formula.