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Virtual Data Room Management: Optimizing Due Diligence

Intellectual Property FirmsMaking it through all the gates in the due-diligence process can be a daunting challenge. No time to think about anything other than ensuring that all matters are being addressed until a deal is closed. This is a hectic stage in the maturing of a new venture to be sure. The last thing one needs to be distracted with is the swirl of technical issues associated with maintaining secure document access and control. Prospective buyers looking for M&A opportunities need a common platform to efficiently share information. Enter the Virtual Data Room, or VDR.


A VDR eliminates the time-consuming clutter of paper record management of a traditional data room – turning due diligence into an optimized, secure, and accessible process with real-time visibility, and enabling investor inquiries to be promptly addressed without having to travel to a physical data-room location. A VDR can cut transaction costs, and expand a venture’s bidding options. A VDR offers a customized, streamlined repository for sharing critical business information during phases of fund raising and other transactions.


FlashPoint IP, a leader among intellectual property firms, has established strategic partnerships with trusted VDR providers to provide turn-key solutions when you need them. FPIP strives to implement the diverse issues mentioned above into a unified framework by coordinating, overseeing, and managing the details in maintaining a VDR smoothly so you can focus on what’s important. Our engagement managers are adept at synthesizing the many facets needed to create a winning formula for your IP and venture. Contact us to discuss your options regarding IP strategy and positioning, and how best to advance your business interests.