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Advisory Guidance: Giving Direction to an Execution Strategy

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Getting your bearings can often mean knowing which compass to rely on. Access to data is becoming easier and easier. Information can be cheap to acquire, but turning it into knowledge can be costly. However, gaining true insight to execute informed business decisions without guidance may only come through the hard-earned experience of previous successes and failures. But, if you’ve never been in a situation before, then how can you know how to act or react?


FlashPoint IP taps into its unique blend of expertise, patent search, patent analysis, and insight to help you transform unstructured IP data and information into tangible results. FPIP harnesses its synergy of skills to empower you to solve your greatest strategic and operational challenges, clarifying your objectives and opening the door to opportunities on the horizon through IP strategy.


At FPIP, advisory guidance involves the tailoring of best-of-breed approaches into customized solutions that guide your decision-making. To be a bit analytical, every business “event” takes time to process the meaning of the event into an actionable response. Reducing this time as much as possible is often critical to successful plan execution. However, data latency, analysis latency, and decision latency can obscure the ideal strategy as further events unfold and complicate the situation. Simplifying the process, by lowering risk through enhanced predictability, can drive performance.


In order to simplify this “process of simplification,” FlashPoint IP creates client-specific, purpose-built strategies which are engineered by choice to obtain extraordinary results, giving direction to an execution strategy and overarching IP strategy. Clients can advance their business, with the assurance of being well-informed, through unique portfolio-positioning IP platforms that are carefully mapped out by FPIP strategic advisors using sophisticated patent search and patent analysis capabilities. Contact us to discuss your options regarding IP strategy and positioning, and how best to advance your business interests.