Patent Analysis

The FPIP Advantage – Enhancing your Innovation Value Chain

Patent Valuation Analysis FirmThe IP economy has pushed intellectual property to the forefront of business competition and global concerns. The emergence of non-practicing entities (NPEs) and maturing patent regimes has caused patent filings to skyrocket worldwide (both for offensive and defensive purposes). The focus on IP portfolio monetization as a new IP strategy & management is being fueled by analysts and speculators alike, with the strongest patent valuation analysis firm looking to capitalize as well.


With economic recovery sputtering in many parts of the world, the knee-jerk reaction is to tighten the reins on discretionary expenditures. However, to avoid core competencies being mistakenly eroded, the prioritization of business, technology, and legal issues needs to be executed by intimately aligning IP strategy & management with business strategy. Having a patent valuation analysis firm perform periodic reviews of IP filings in order to audit quality is paramount to controlling costs effectively in this regard.


A strong IP culture is often lacking in many businesses, with in-house counsel not equipped or adequately-staffed to deal with the complexity of IP issues that can arise. High-level consultancy combined with advanced patent-analysis capabilities can serve as a critical component in formulating a sound IP strategy & management framework on how to move your venture forward, while conserving valuable resources.


The FPIP advantage provides advanced professional and legal services in an attractive engagement framework to assist in enhancing your innovation value chain. Learning what one doesn’t know (the “alignment gap”) is sometimes the most valuable information one can acquire, providing a proper and informed perspective at the right time.


FlashPoint IP, a leading patent valuation analysis firm, can help manage your venture’s strategic horizons by combining client-validated offerings with out-of-the-box strategic thinking, charting a course to IP monetization. Beyond our extensive IP services, our advisory portfolio features a broad range of value-added services focusing on IP strategy & management for which we have detailed important strategic aspects. In order to discuss the specifics of your IP needs in detail, contact us for a free initial consultation.