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Intellectual Property FirmsA great company knows how to harness the strengths of its workforce in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Integration of skill sets is just one piece of the synergy puzzle; knowing how to effectively tap into your talent pool to bring out the best in people is another. The result of such efforts is to streamline complex processes so that the work activities become transparent to the business goals – an exercise that requires remarkable finesse. When done well, clients always see the added value in working with a provider in a team context.


FlashPoint IP, a leader among intellectual property firms, maintains a vision that such dynamic relationships are the subtle intangibles that differentiate us, making our practice unique to our clients, and making our firm an exciting place to work for our staff. As our testimonials attest, FPIP achieves this mission through the flawless execution and seamless integration of its team.





Dr. Mordechai Lando

Patent Attorney and IP Professional


LandoDr. Lando is a patent attorney with extensive experience in the IP field covering a wide range of technologies including software, electronics, medical devices, optics, Internet, and gaming. Moti started his career as a research physicist with a focus on optics and lasers, working in academia, government laboratories, and for startup ventures. He received a B.Sc. from Bar Ilan University, an M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University, and a Ph.D. from Hebrew University – all degrees in Physics. Moti is also the inventor of several popular puzzle games which have been patented.


FlashPoint IP, a leading patent prosecution firm, factors wide-ranging aspects into the process of securing patent protection, whether in performing  a patent search and patent analysis of the prior art, engaging in patent drafting of applications, selecting how and where to file, or prosecuting your claims to an invention to help you maximize value in an extensive array of practice areas. Our patent attorneys are adept at synthesizing the many facets needed to create a winning formula for your IP. Contact us to discuss your options regarding IP strategy and positioning, and how best to secure your rights.




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